Four Points of Gratitude

This year has been one crazy ride! I don't need to rehash all the crazy that has unfolded in the past eleven month, but suffice it to say, Im ready for it to be over. Despite all the crazy, I am still able to list several things that I am super-thankful for. Good things happened … Continue reading Four Points of Gratitude

A Little Life Update (10/7/20)

It seems like it has been forever since I posted here - I know it has been on the order of months - but I got a quick moment so I thought I would offer up a little life update. Im sure all the thoughts below will be a little jumbled or seem spewed onto … Continue reading A Little Life Update (10/7/20)

Trans-Texas Virtual Run

So when you receive a text like that, the Runner's Code obligates me to say "Yes!" Not that that obligation is a problem, after a few minutes to consider it, I registered alongside four other team members to run the Trans-Texas Virtual Run. One member has been a long time friend of mine. We met … Continue reading Trans-Texas Virtual Run

Shoe Review | Newton Runnings BOCO A/T 4

About the Shoes I began running over eleven years ago - in that time I have had my fair share of trail races. Early on, I realized the need for appropriate trail shoes - in general, shoes designed for the trail have a more aggressive tread, stable platform, and rugged construction. All of that helps … Continue reading Shoe Review | Newton Runnings BOCO A/T 4

Making a Running Comeback

“The real glory is being knocked to your knees and then coming back. That’s real glory. That’s the essence of it." Vince Lombardi (a sportsball dude) I think the past couple months has knocked us all to our knees in one way or another. The effects of COVID-19 have drastically altered our social lifestyle to … Continue reading Making a Running Comeback

Tips for Running in the Heat

There is digital thermometer on a veterinary office I drive by during my commute to and from the tire shop. It's an orange LCD that displays a reasonably accurate read out of the current temperature and time. The past couple weeks here in Western Colorado have topped out above 100 degrees F. For many, that … Continue reading Tips for Running in the Heat

The Easter of COVID-19

I wanted to write an Easter Sunday devotion. A short message filled with the hope and optimism that so fits the Resurrection of Jesus Christ where death has been conquered and relational separation from God is over. Where those things are no longer an issue. But this is not that devotional. As I hear the … Continue reading The Easter of COVID-19

I’ve Got Some Big News…

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind for everyone. It seems COVID-19 is everywhere and the reference point for any conversation. "How's work going?" "How's the family?" "What did you do this weekend?" Nothing has been left untouched by current events. The news is dire - and sometimes it seems overwhelming. I apologize for … Continue reading I’ve Got Some Big News…

Newton Kismet 5 | Shoe Review

I received two pairs of shoes in the mail from Newton Running Company. One was the trail shoe the BOCO AT/4 and the other was the road shoe: the Kismet 5 (pictured above). To be clear, Ive run in Newton shoes for several years now - almost exclusively the Kismet line. I began on the … Continue reading Newton Kismet 5 | Shoe Review

Iskiate / Chia Fresca | Recipe

“Unlike any other organism in history, humans have a mind-body conflict: we have a body built for performance, but a brain that’s always looking for efficiency.” – Dr. Bramble ‘Born to Run’. I was a bit late to the party in picking up the fantastic book – ‘Born to Run’, a few years late, but it's … Continue reading Iskiate / Chia Fresca | Recipe