An Interview with Susie Griner

I met Susie about four years ago when I began working in Southern Colorado has a youth minister while taking masters courses. Immediately, Susie became a major part of my families life. We shared in meals (especially Chinese food), baseball games, and the joy of running. I have always appreciated Susie’s kindness, compassion, and encouragement! … Continue reading An Interview with Susie Griner


Pre-Run Pumpkin Spice Pancakes | Recipe

I will be honest, the past couple weeks I have spent far more time in our newly remodeled kitchen than in my running shoes. While I ought to be only a little ashamed, Im really not. Our new kitchen is gorgeous and I absolutely love roasting meats and veggies, and crafting new recipes. While I … Continue reading Pre-Run Pumpkin Spice Pancakes | Recipe

Faith Is Like Running

As I runner, I approach many things in life differently than what other people might. For example, bedtime attire might be tomorrow morning's running clothes. Or, having eight out of ten toenails ain't too bad. Yes, I have had those thoughts, and many others. Last week, I was hit with another one of those moments … Continue reading Faith Is Like Running

My Three Essentials for Running

In times past, runners were primarily used to carry messages from one place to another - usually for royalty. These people were usually entrusted with important papers, letters, or information that needed to arrive quickly. One such example lies in the the soldier Pheidippides, around 490 BCE. The runner carried a valuable message from Marathon, Greece … Continue reading My Three Essentials for Running